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The Amazing 3-Step Process to Emotional Freedom - by Nathalie Ristord

Posted on 4 May, 2018 at 18:15

For decades humans have believed their emotions were an indicator of their animality. Feelings were believed to arise from a more primitive aspect of their being that needed to be tamed. We had therefore privileged reason over sensation, even educating our children to refrain from any expression of these “uncontrollable” signals.

Nowadays, we realize that years of shutting down this natural way of self-expression is causing mental issues and physical ailments. Your emotions are your barometer. Even though they come to you unexpectedly, they hope to let you know that something in your life and environment requires evaluation and possibly a tune-up.

Let me share with you how to work with your emotions and take advantage of their guidance.

1. Your emotions are meant to stay within you a few seconds for self-evaluation.

2. The mental and physical energy generated by the emotions is asking you to:
a. Stop
b. Take a deep breath
c. Evaluate your situation and environment
d. Create an action plan

3. Your emotions will then dissipate as your mind understands that you have heard the message and have decided to take the appropriate measures.

Let’s take anger for example. Even though it may be considered as a “negative” emotion, it still has a positive role as it means, "I do not feel respected". So when anger emerges, if you follow the 3 emotional acknowledgement steps, not only will you clear the unpleasant feeling but by changing the source of the anger, you will also eradicate any need for it to come back.

If anger is felt during an argument with your partner, see why you don’t feel respected with what was being said and done. Does it resonate with a similar past experience that hasn’t been resolved? Now, what can you do to feel respected and seal the open emotional wound that may originate from an earlier issue?

This process works for any given emotion. From anxiety to sadness, these 3 steps will change the way you deal with your own emotions as well as give you a broader understanding of people around you and their innate feelings.

Embrace emotions as messengers of your inner-balance!

Nathalie Ristord is a Rapid Transformational Expert & Hypnotist
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