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Do You Meditate? - by Alexis Taylor Middleton

Posted on 11 April, 2018 at 13:30

Meditation is one of the greatest gifts one may give oneself to cultivate balance and inner harmony.

When stress and internal chatter takes over that inner peacefulness, causing anxiety and a host of other struggles, it is the calm that meditation brings of which we all aspire to. We all have our inner struggles that require the persistence of fortitude and a deep desire to release ourselves from the cycle of suffering.

I have absolute faith we all have the ability to move beyond our suffering to that serene place, once we allow ourselves to look at those struggles and suffering right in the face, breathe deeply and meditate our way through it.

Meditation requires diligence and mindfulness cultivated into a daily practice. Eventually the internal suffering and chatter subsides, replaced by a calm fortitude and knowingness.

Consider choosing a quiet, safe place to sit relaxed either in lotus position or on a straight back chair, your body warm and un-stressed. Allowing yourself even 10 minutes of calm breathing while sitting quietly does wonders for the soul!

Alexis Taylor Middleton specializes in Traditional Mayan Lymphatics
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